Our Ethos

Modern, Mindful Skin Solutions.

How to pronounce Sentiel

Sentiel [“suhn-siel”], based around the French word “essentiel”. The word "Sentiel" is based around the French word "essentiel" which strives towards a life of essentialism, and not consuming more than one needs.

About the founder

The idea for Sentiel was born in 2019. I was concerned that many people I know are not getting enough sun protection as many physical sunscreens tend to whiten and do not dissipate onto the skin. With many of my friends and family being people of colour, I was determined to find a cosmetically elegant solution. I couldn't find one, hence why I sought out to create it.

This is why our hero product is an amazing sunscreen which has a unique formulation, truly different and what sets us apart from anything out in the market. From there, my vision is to continue to deliver incredible, “go-to” skincare products according to our ethos, and address new and emerging skin concerns for the modern consumer.

Our Five Pillars

Our Promises

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

All of our products are vegan friendly and are never tested on animals.


Our non-comedogenic formulas reduces the risk of blocking your pores.

Clean Ingredients

We use no phthalates, PEGs, SLS or SLEs in any of our products.


All our formulas and packaging are designed to be ethical and sustainable.